Ray Weitzenberg

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Hello, I’m Ray Weitzenberg, a visual artist and creative technologist based in Brooklyn.

Very Still

In 1994, via the mechanism of photography, I discovered a profound appreciation for light. My image making is driven by that light, formalism and the principles of design. Think Bauhaus, the Light and Space Movement and the Düsseldorf School.

In 2001 this was all accelerated by moving to New York and stepping into Parsons School of Design, graduating in 2004.

Now, this is all so new, so bear with me ... in the last year photography flipped as I discovered 360°, immersive image making. A supremely important element, the negative's frame, has been annihilated. What's left is what was in that frame, as well as pretty much everything else.

Some of this work lives here on Street View. For a more lightly edited collection look to lightwerk.io/fac.

For the immersion adverse, VeryStill.com collects some still photography.

Fourth Sequence

In addition to visual production, I work professionally as a front end developer at UNIQLO where I build static and dynamic features for uniqlo.com.

Through the construction of interactive methods of showcasing the features and technologies behind UNIQLO products, my output has resulted in immediate and significant boosts in engagement and sales.

Fourth Sequence collects a handful of my development projects.


Cultivating the sweet spot between art and tech, I’m actively exploring programmatically created graphics. The work can be in motion or still, designed to fit on the screen in your hand or to cover a building.